MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: get_messages

Retrieves all current internal messages for a specific user
Required Parameters
(only 1 required)
Possible ValuesDescription
emailuser's emailUser's email address
useruser's nameUser's name
Example Response
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	"message":"Hello World!",
	"author":"Joe Bloggs",
	"created","24/4/2015 @ 00:03",
	"expires","26/4/2015 @ 00:00"
	"message":"This is a test message",
	"author":"Jane Doe",
	"created","25/4/2015 @ 03:42",
	"expires","29/4/2015 @ 12:30"
Variables ReturnedDescription
messageDetails of the watch
authorThe user who created the message
createdDate/Time the message was created
expiresDate/Time at which the message expires