MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: get_user

Returns user information
Required Parameters
(at least 1 required)
Possible ValuesDescription
emailuser's emailUser's email address
useruser's nameUser's name
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
matchexact | looseAllows specifying the closeness of the match.
If match is set "exact" and "client" is set to "Joe Bloggs", only clients with the name "Joe Bloggs" will be returned.
If match is set to "loose" and "email" is set to "@mid.as", any client with an "@mid.as" email address will be returned.
If the match parameter is omitted only exact matches are returned
Example Response
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	"name":"Joe Bloggs",
	"email":"[email protected]",
	"added":"25/2/2013 @ 16:49",
	"last_login":"23/4/2013 @ 20:51",
	"last_password_change":"29/3/2013 @ 18:34",
	"last_modified":"25/2/2013 @ 23:42",
	"venue_group_access":"Group A,Group B",
Variables ReturnedDescription
nameUser's name
emailUser's email address
addedDate/Time user was added to MIDAS
last_loginDate/Time user last successfully logged in
last_password_changeDate/Time user last changed their password
last_modifiedDate/Time user information was last modified
account_lockedIndicates if the user has been suspended / locked out of MIDAS
failed_login_attemptsThe number of unsuccessful login attempt on this account since last successful login
day_starts_atThe hour (in 24-hour clock mode) the user's booking grid is displayed from
day_runs_forThe number of hours the user's booking grid displays
do_not_log_activityIf "0" all user activity within MIDAS will be recorded in the Recent Activity Log
If "1" user activity within MIDAS will appear in the Recent Activity Log, except for logins/logouts
If "2" no user activity will be recorded in the Recent Activity Log
email_calendar_eventsIndicates whether reminders should also be sent to user's email as calendar events
email_messagesIndicates whether messages are forwarded to user's email
email_pending_notificationsIndicates whether new booking request notifications are forwarded to user's email
email_watch_notificationsIndicates whether watch notifications are forwarded to user's email
force_pw_change_at_loginIndicates whether user is required to change their password upon next login
suppress_messages_popupIndicates whether the "My Messages" pop-up is suppressed (not shown) after login
venue_group_accessIndicates which Venue Groups the user has access to in the Booking Grid.
A value of "*" indicates user can view all Venue Groups
permissionsThe various permissions associated with the user account. Most take a value of either "1" meaning user has been granted a permission, "0" meaning the user does not have a permission. Permissions with additional possible values are indicated.
can_add_bookingsUser can add bookings.
"0" indicates user may not make bookings
"1" indicates user may make bookings
"2" indicates user may only make booking requests
can_add_clientsUser can add clients
can_add_day_notesUse can add notes to calendar dates
can_add_historical_bookingsUser can add bookings for dates occurring in the past
can_add_out_of_hours_bookingsUser can add bookings outside of a venue's operating hours
can_change_passwordUser can change their password
can_delete_bookingsUser can delete bookings
"0" indicates user cannot delete any bookings
"1" indicates user may delete only those bookings originally added by them
"2" indicates user may delete any booking
can_delete_clientsUser can delete clients
can_email_clientsUser can email clients directly from MIDAS
can_evacUser can print Emergency Evacuation data
can_invoiceUser can use invoicing
can_manage_addonsUser can manage MIDAS addon settings (For more information on available addons for MIDAS, please see https://mid.as/addons)
can_manage_booking_typesUser can manage Booking Types
can_manage_midasUser can manage MIDAS
can_manage_resourcesUser can manage Resources
can_manage_usersUser can manage Users & Permissions
can_manage_venuesUser can manage Venues
can_modify_bookingsUser can modify bookings
"0" indicates user cannot modify any bookings
"1" indicates user may modify only those bookings originally added by them
"2" indicates user may modify any booking
can_modify_clientsUser can modify clients
can_printUser can use print functions
can_process_requestsUser can approve/reject pending booking requests
can_restore_bookingsUser can restore previously deleted bookings
can_use_mymessagesUse can use My Messages (Messages, Reminders, and Watches)
can_view_activity_logUse can access the Recent Activity log
can_view_clientsUser can view client information
"0" indicates user cannot view any client data
"1" indicates user can view client and organization names only
"2" indicates user can view full client info for any client
"3" indicates user can only view full client into for clients they've added bookings for
can_view_statisticsUse can access Statistics
max_booking_lengthThe maximum duration (in minutes) that the user is permitted to make any single booking for
max_bookingsThe maximum number of bookings the user may add to any given period (determined by "max_bookings_per" value)
max_bookings_perThe period over which the "max_bookings" value applies. Possible values are:
"D" - Single date
"W" - Week
"M" - Month
"Y" - Year