MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: API Command Reference

Below is an alphabetical list of all currently available API calls, together with a description of their purpose, and whether they require full-access to the API (with Read-Only Mode DISABLED).
API CallDescriptionRequires API in
Full-Access Mode?
add_bookingAdds a new booking
add_clientAdds a new client
add_invoiceAdds a new invoice
add_resourceAdds a new resource
approve_requestApproves a booking request
authenticate_userAuthenticate against a MIDAS user account
del_bookingDeletes an existing booking
del_bookingsDeletes multiple bookings across a date range
del_clientDeletes a client
del_invoiceDeletes an invoice
del_resourceDeletes a resource
email_clientSends an email to a client
gen_invoiceAutomatically generate invoice(s)
get_activityReturns all MIDAS user activity between two dates/times
get_availabilityChecks whether a venue is available (free) for booking between two dates/times
get_bookingReturns details of a single booking
get_booking_typeReturns details of a specific booking type
get_booking_typesReturns all currently defined booking types and their corresponding internal IDs
get_bookingsReturns details of all bookings between two dates/times
get_clientReturns details of a client
get_consumable_levelsReturns current available consumable quantities
get_invoiceReturns details of an invoice
get_invoicesRetrieves a list of invoices for a specific client
get_messagesRetrieves all current internal messages for a specific user
get_remindersRetrieves all current reminders for a specific user
get_resourceReturns details of a resource item
get_resource_availabilityReturns the quantity available of a specified resource between two dates/times
get_settingReturns a current MIDAS setting
get_templateReturns the contents of a template
get_userReturns user information
get_users_logged_inReturns a list of currently logged in users
get_venueReturns venue information
get_venuesReturns a complete set of venue names together with their corresponding internal IDs
get_venues_in_groupReturns a list of venues in a particular Venue Group
get_venues_in_useReturns a list of all venues currently in use
get_watchesRetrieves all current watches for a specific user
mod_bookingModifies an existing booking
mod_clientModifies an existing client
mod_invoiceModifies/Updates an existing invoice
mod_resourceModifies an existing resource
mod_venueModifies an existing venue
notify_userSend a message/reminder to another user
reject_requestRejects a booking request
restore_bookingRe-instates a recently deleted booking
set_settingSet/Change a MIDAS setting
set_templateSet/Modify a template
util_api_usageReturns details of recent API usage
util_from_epochConverts epoch seconds to a standard date/time format
util_to_epochConverts a date/time to epoch seconds