API Release Notes

13th May 2019Update: Compatibility for MIDAS v4.22
8th May 2019Fixed: Unable to save settings in some instances
Fixed: After saving settings, Save Settings button may not display anything
10th April 2019Fixed: "del_invoice" call didn't remove deleted invoice reference from existing bookings
2nd March 2019Fixed: "closed_between" parameter of "get_venue" call may return invalid JSON in the event no "closed between" times set for selected venue.
29th January 2019New: Optional "unsent" parameter added to "get_invoices" call to limit returned invoices to those which are unsent
Update: Compatibility for MIDAS v4.21
18th December 2018Fixed: Support for Perl 5.26+
15th November 2018New: "runas" parameter - similar to existing "logas" parameter, but enforces specified user's permissions when making API calls. (If both "logas" and "runas" are supplied, "runas" will override "logas")
Improved: "authenticate_user" call now accepts optional "include_locked" parameter to allow authenticating even if user account is locked/suspended
Improved: "authenticate_user" call now accepts optional "bypass_fail_count" parameter to allow bypassing of failed login count checking/incrementing
27th September 2018Update: Icon compatibility for MIDAS v4.20
Improved: "get_bookings" call can now accept "modified_since" and "modified_before" parameters to restrict results to those bookings modified before/since a given date and time
Improved: "get_bookings" call can now filter by custom field (new "filter_field", "filter_string", "filter_type", and "filter_casesensitive" parameters)
16th June 2018Improved: Error response distinguishes between missing and invalid API key
Experimental: Ability to explicitly specify base directory when calling via command line (via "path" parameter")
25th April 2018Updated: MIDAS v4.19 compatibility
Fixed: new_start/new_end parameters of mod_booking call always defaulted to epoch times, even if epoch flag wasn't explicitly set
Fixed: Encoding issue with history concatenations
23rd March 2018NEW: "get_users_logged_in" call
Optimization: Code cleanup
30th November 2017Updated: MIDAS v4.17 compatibility
Fixed: Rounding on some systems
28th September 2017Fixed: Path issues when called via command line
20th September 2017Fixed: Simultaneous multiple add/modify booking queries on slow servers may not correctly detect conflicts
Fixed: Encoding issues in booking history
Fixed: API logging may not correctly log timestamps for some API calls
28th August 2017Fixed: "get_resource" returned category in place of qty
12th August 2017NEW: Command line support
NEW: Optional JSONP support
Updated: MIDAS v4.16 compatibility
15th April 2017Change: "get_venues" call now sorts venues in the order they're currently arranged in within MIDAS (rather than in the order they were added to MIDAS)
Updated: MIDAS v4.15 compatibility
Improved: API now returns 401 Unauthorized http status code when invalid API key specified
Improved: API logging now also includes more readable timestamps
Improved: API logging now indicates http request method
Improved: API logging now indicates size of JSON data response
Fixed: Tabs not correctly escaped in JSON responses
Fixed: Timestamps may not correctly reflect timezone setting
Fixed: "del_booking" and "del_bookings" API calls made without the "force" parameter set may allow bookings to be deleted multiple times
Fixed: "del_booking" and "del_bookings" API calls made without the "force" parameter may not correctly update the booking's history record
9th March 2017Fixed: "get_availability" call may return "unknown venue" error
8th March 2017Fixed: "del_booking" and "del_bookings" calls may not correct log to Recent Activity
2nd November 2016Updated for MIDAS v4.14 compatibility
Fixed: "get_availability" wouldn't check dates in the past
25th July 2016Added: "get_venues" call to retrieve all venue IDs/names
Improved: "get_bookings" call can now also accept a venue ID (or comma separated list of venue ID's) instead of a venue names for the "venue" parameter
Improved: "get_bookings" call now also returns internal venue ID in "venue_id" parameter
Improved: "get_venue" call now also returns internal venue ID in "id" parameter
Improved: "get_venue" call now also accept a venue ID instead of a venue names for the "venue" parameter
Improved: Handling of database connection errors
12th July 2016Added: Support for client credit & invoice discounts
Improved: Validation of API Key
24th February 2016Improved: Character set for responses now implicitly set to UTF-8
10th February 2016Added: "authenticate_user" call
Added: Support for actioning API calls under individual user accounts
28th January 2016Updated for MIDAS v4.11 compatibility
Added: Support for passing API key via an X-API-KEY HTTP header
Improved: "get_user" call now returns "max_booking_length" and "max_bookings_per_date" permissions
Improved: The API will now automatically reject non-GET/POST http methods
18th August 2015Updated for MIDAS v4.10 compatibility
13th July 2015Improved: "get_bookings" call can now be restricted to an individual client
Change: "get_client" call now returns "id" in place of "client_id"
22nd May 2015Added: "get_resource" call
Improved: "get_venue" call now returns blocks and alternatives
Improved: Logging when calls fail/error produced
28th February 2015Fixed: Some JSON responses don't correctly validate
10th February 2015Fixed: Some settings not being correctly loaded if API run in isolation (without a concurrent login)
9th February 2015Fixed: New line characters not being correctly escaped in some API responses
1st February 2015Fixed: Quotation marks not being correctly escaped in some API responses
19th January 2015Fixed: If multiple databases are in use, it may not be possible to access the Manage Addons screen from additional databases
2nd January 2015Fixed: Multi-database support
1st September 2014The API now allows bi-directional communication with MIDAS - meaning you can now add/set/change data as well as reading it.
The following new API calls have been implemented:
20th March 2014Added: "member_of" to the list of returned values for the "get_venue" call
Change: Format of "rates" information returned by "get_venue" call updated for MIDAS v4.06
Fixed: "closed_from"/"closed_to" values from "get_venue" call may return 1/1/1970
18th February 2014Added: Support for multiple databases
7th October 2013Added: "get_venues_in_use" call
1st June 2013Initial release of the MIDAS API Access Addon (for MIDAS v4.03+)