MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: Appendix A - Activity Codes

The following codes may be used in conjunction with the "get_activity" call.
CODEDescriptionData 1Data 2Data 3Data 4
ADDUser added bookingDate/Time
ADD2VGUser added venue to groupVenueVenue Group
ADDBTUser added booking typeTypeColor
ADDCUser added clientClientOrganization
ADDDNUser added day notesDateDate
ADDIUser created invoiceInvoice
ADDMAPUser uploaded floorplan/mapVenue Group
ADDRESUser added resourceResource
ADDUUser added UserNameEmail
ADDVUser added venueVenue
ADDVGUser added venue groupVenue Group
BKUPMIDAS backup (Automatic)
CANRBooking request cancelledClientOrganization
DELBUser deleted bookingDate/Time
DELBTUser deleted booking typeType
DELCUser deleted clientClientOrganization
DELDNUser deleted day notesDateDate
DELIUser deleted invoiceInvoice
DELRESUser Deleted ResourceResource
DELVUser deleted venueVenue
DELVGUser deleted venue groupVenue Group
EMSUser sent emailClientSubject
EMSIUser sent email invoiceClientInvoice
EXPBUser exported bookings
EXPCUser exported clients
EXPISUser exported invoice summaries
EXPRUser exported resources
GENIUser generated invoice (Regular)Invoice
GENICUser generated invoice (Cancellation)Invoice
INUser logged in
LFAILFailed login attemptEmail address
LOCKDUser account locked for excessive failed login attemptsUser accountNumber of failed login attempts
LSUSPUser account suspendedUser account
MBKUPMIDAS backup (Manual)
MODUser modified bookingDate/Time
MODBTUser modified booking typePrevious TypePrevious ColorNew TypeNew Color
MODCUser modified clientClientOrganization
MODDNUser modified day notesDateDate
MODIUser modified invoiceInvoice
MAPMAPUser modified floorplan/mapVenue Group
MODRESUser Modified ResourceResource
MODUUser modified UserNameEmail
MODVUser modified venueVenue
MRESTUser Restored a MIDAS backupDate/Time
NEWRBooking request receivedClientOrganization
OUTUser logged out
PAYIFPayment received in fullInvoicePayer namePayer emailTransaction ID
PAYIPPartial payment receivedInvoicePayer namePayer emailTransaction ID
PEEDUser printed Emergency Evacuation Data
PENAUser approved bookingDate/TimeClient
PENAAAuto approved bookingDate/TimeClient
PENRUser rejected bookingDate/TimeClientReason
PRNTUser printed bookingsPrint Title
PRNTIUser printed invoiceClientInvoice
PWCUser changed password
REMFVGUser removed venue from groupVenueVenue Group
REMUUser deleted UserNameEmail
RENVGUser renamed venue groupPrevious Venue GroupNew Venue Group
RESTUser restored bookingDate/Time
TENTXTentative booking expiredDate/TimeClientVenue
UPDATEMIDAS updatedNew VersionNew Build Date
UPSIUser updated invoice statusInvoice
WEBBWeb Booking madeClientDate/TimeVenueAmount Paid