MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: get_client

Returns client records
Required Parameters
(at least 1 required)
Possible ValuesDescription
clientClient nameClient Name
orgOrganization nameOrganization name
emailemail addressEmail address
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
matchexact | looseAllows specifying the closeness of the match.
If match is set "exact" and "client" is set to "Joe Bloggs", only clients with the name "Joe Bloggs" will be returned.
If match is set to "loose" and "email" is set to "@mid.as", any client with an "@mid.as" email address will be returned.
If the match parameter is omitted only exact matches are returned
Example Response
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	"name":"Joe Bloggs",
	"email":"[email protected]",
	"address":"PO Box 224,Cheadle,Cheshire.SK8 4WB",
	"phone":"01234 567 890",
	"fax":"01234 567 891",
	"added":"7/8/2012 @ 16:49"
Variables ReturnedDescription
idUnique client identification number (NOTE: in API 2.07 and earlier this variable was instead named "client_id")
nameClient's name
organizationClient's organization
emailClient's email address
addressClient's postal address
phoneClient's telephone number
faxClient's fax number
mobileClient's mobile (cell) number
notesNotes about the client
tax_exemptIs the client exempt from tax being applied to their invoices?
credit[MIDAS v4.12+] Client's current credit
addedDate/time when client was added to MIDAS