MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: get_booking

Available in API 2.0+
Returns details of a specific booking
Required ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
idBooking IDThe unique numerical reference of the booking
Example Response
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	"start":"5/4/2013 @ 13:00",
	"end":"5/4/2013 @ 14:00",
	"venue":"Room 3",
	"client":"Some User (Some Org)",
		"date":"2/4/2013 @ 08:23",
		"user":"Joe Bloggs"
		"date":"2/4/2013 @ 16:52",
		"user":"Joe Bloggs"
Variables ReturnedDescription
idInternal Booking ID
startStart date/time of booking
endEnd date/time of booking
clientClient the booking is for
typeBooking Type
attendeesEstimated number of people attending booking
notesBooking Notes
resourcesResources assigned to booking
resourceThe name of the resource
qtyThe quantity of the resource
invoiceInvoice in which the booking appears
historyBooking history
actionThe action performed. This will be one of the following:
"Booking Request Received", "Added", "Modified", "Deleted", "Restored", or "Invoice Created"
dateThe date/time the action occurred
userThe user who performed the action
custom fieldsAny custom booking fields setup in your MIDAS will also be returned
statusDenotes whether the booking is a "request", a "confirmed" booking, or whether it has been "deleted"