MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: util_api_usage

Available in API 2.48+
Returns details of recent MIDAS API usage
Required Parameters
This API command has no required parameters
Optional ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
periodinteger | comma separated list of integersThe period of time (in hours) to calculate API usage over. A comma separated list of values may be passed. For example, passing "1,24,168" will return API usage over the past hour, past day (24 hours), and past week (168 hours)
endValid date and time
By default, API usage statistics are included up to the current time. To view API usage for a period up until a specific date/time, pass the "end" parameter
Example Response
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	"data_nice":"120.23 KB",
	"data_nice":"2.89 MB",
	"data_nice":"20.20 MB",
Variables ReturnedDescription
previous_hoursThe period (in hours) up until the current time (or up until the time supplied in the "end" parameter) which the values of the "calls" and "data" variables relate to
callsThe number of API calls made during the "previous_hours" period
data_niceThe amount of data returned by the API during the "previous_hours" period, formatted in KB, MB, or GB and rounded to two decimal places
data_rawThe amount of data returned by the API during the "previous_hours" period in bytes