MIDAS API Addon MIDAS API: get_template

Available in API 2.0+
Returns the contents of a template
Required ParametersPossible ValuesDescription
templatetemplate nameTemplate name. See below for valid template names
Template NameDescriptionAdditional
emailEmail (General)
email_book_cancelEmail (Booking Cancelled)Email Subject
email_book_confirmEmail (Booking Confirmation)Email subject
email_book_remindEmail (Booking Reminder)Email subject
email_req_approvedEmail (Booking Request Approved)Email subject
email_req_approved_mEmail (Booking Request Approved - with changes)Email subject
email_req_rejectedEmail (Booking Request Rejected / Declined)Email subject
email_req_submittedEmail (Booking Request Submitted)Email subject
email_inv_overdueEmail (Invoice Overdue)Email subject
email_inv_remindEmail (Invoice Reminder)Email subject
invoiceInvoice (Regular)
invoice_cancellationInvoice (Cancellation)
payonlineOnline PaymentsURL of external .css file
receiptInvoice Receipt
webrequestPublic Booking RequestsURL of external .css file
introWelcome Note (on login screen)
Example Response
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	"email":"<table style=\"width:100%\"><tr>
Variables ReturnedDescription
templateThe current contents of the specified template
additionalFor templates which contain an additional value in addition to the main template content (such as email templates with an additional subject line), this value is returned in the "additional" parameter