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How to manage rooms that can be booked as a whole or sub-divided

From v4.05 onwards, MIDAS includes a powerful new feature called Venue "Blocking".

Venue Blocking allows you to define a set of "rules" for making some rooms become automatically "Unavailable" when certain other spaces are booked.

For example, let's say that you have a large "Sports Hall" that can either be booked in its entirety, or divided into two halves that can each be booked separately...

Sports Hall BookingsSports Hall Scheduling

The 3 different spaces available for booking ("Sports Hall", "Half Hall A" and "Half Hall B") can each be added to MIDAS as individual venues:

Sports Facility Management

Now, if someone books the entire "Sports Hall", you then want to prevent anyone else from being able to book a half hall at the same time - and that's where Venue "Blocking" comes in!

You can setup a few simple blocking rules to prevent the "Sports Hall" from being booked if either half (or both halves) of the hall have been booked, and vice versa. This is achieved from the new "Blocking" tab on the Manage Venues Screen (MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues). In the screenshot below you can see that "Half Hall A" and "Half Hall B" have both been set to be blocked when "Sports Hall" is in use:

Venue Blocking

Once your blocking rules have been defined, MIDAS will then apply them accordingly when checking booking availability. Using the above example, here's what will happen if you try book all three spaces at the same time:

Booking Availability

Because of the blocking rules that have been defined, MIDAS will prevent booking all three spaces simultaneously!

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