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What is Priority Support?

If you take out a MIDAS subscription, it includes access to our "Priority Support" service.

It can be so frustrating when you email a business and they take several days to respond to you. With our Priority Support service, you won't need to worry about that!

With "Priority Support", if you have questions or run into difficulties with your MIDAS room booking system, you'll receive fast email responses to your queries from a real person whatever day of the week - that includes weekends and public holidays!

Typical email response times are less than 1 hour, and are often within just a matter of minutes! - and these are not just automated acknowledgement responses, these are individually tailored human responses from one of our knowledgeable support team.

In fact, we're so confident of the levels of Priority Support we offer, that actually we publish our response times in real-time. You'll find these over on our Service Status page.

We believe the speed of our Priority Support responses are one of the key features that our customers love! - Your operations may not be confined to Monday to Friday 9-5, so ours aren't either!

Priority Support is included as standard within an active MIDAS cloud-hosted subscription.

Priority Support is included as part of an optional support subscription for self-hosted customers.

Self-hosted customers without an active support subscription do not have access to Priority Support. Without Priority Support, email response times to queries will be significantly longer, and it may be a number of business days before you'll receive a response. This is because priority is given in the first instance to customers with access to Priority Support.

You'll find Terms and Conditions for Priority Support here.

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