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Does MIDAS integrate with...?

We're often asked if MIDAS natively integrates with various other 3rd party software and hardware systems (such as CMS or accounting packages)

As you'll no doubt appreciate there are countless and varied software and hardware systems that such integration is asked about. It would be a near impossible task for us to provide native integration with them all!

However, we do provide a number of ways to facilitate integration with other popular software and services, including:

Accounting Software

MIDAS is able to export invoices to a variety of popular accounting software packages, including:


Our optional "Data Feeds" allows bookings in your MIDAS scheduling system to sync to your external calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc)

Payment Processors

MIDAS natively integrates with;

Other integrations...

The above are just a handful of some of the integrations we support. A more extensive list of supported integrations is also available.

We recognize that some customers may wish to take data from their MIDAS for use within other software platforms and systems, and likewise take data from other software systems and bring it into MIDAS.

So we provide a number of tools to allow you to achieve this:

Importing data from 3rd party software into MIDAS

Most software packages provide an "Export" function allowing you to export data from them in common formats such as text, .csv (comma separated values), or iCal files.

We include an import tool within MIDAS (which you'll find via MIDAS Admin Options → Import / Export), which will then allow you to import bookings, clients, or users directly into MIDAS from your exported text or .csv files.

Exporting data from MIDAS into 3rd party software

We provide you with the means to export data from your MIDAS system (via MIDAS Admin Options → Import / Export) for use in other applications. Bookings, Clients, Users, Invoices and Resources can be exported, and a range of export formats are available including text, .csv, XML, and iCal.

Real-time integration between MIDAS and 3rd party software

For even greater "real time" integration between MIDAS and your desired 3rd party software, we offer an optional and flexible API addon. The API addons supports both "one-way" and "bi-directional" access to MIDAS, and so if your 3rd party software also has an API of its own, integration between the two could be achieved by getting the two respective APIs to communicate with each other (something you, your IT department, or your web/app developer could implement). Complete documentation on our own API, along with code samples may be found at https://mid.as/api

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