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How to import Bookings from another application into MIDAS

You can import bookings from another scheduling application into MIDAS via MIDAS Admin Options → Import / Export. (In older versions of MIDAS, this could be found instead under Manage MIDAS → Database → Database Tools → Import Data)

Whilst importing booking data will retain any existing bookings, we strongly advise that if you wish to import 3rd party booking data, you do so into a clean installation of MIDAS

WARNING: We strongly advise backing up your database before importing any data


Using the import tool, you can import booking data into MIDAS v4.06 or later, that is either in a .csv (Comma Separated Values), or .txt (Tab, or other character, Delimited) file format.

Additionally, in MIDAS v4.07 or later you can also import bookings in .ics (iCal) format too.

For step-by-step guides to importing booking data, please follow the appropriate link below:

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