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Visually Book From A Floor Plan or Map

Ever since the first version of our MIDAS room booking software, users choose spaces they wish to book from a “list” of available rooms.

Starting with MIDAS v4.31, we’re excited to now offer an alternative – the ability to book spaces by simply selecting them on a graphical floor plan, map, or schematic of your facilities.

Setting up floor plans / maps in MIDAS

Administrators can choose whether MIDAS shows a “list” of venues to users, or allows the selecting of venues from a visual floor plan or map. This is done though a setting which may be accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Bookings → Floorplans / Maps.

Assign venues to groups

To be able to use floor plans or maps in MIDAS, you’ll first need to assign your venues (rooms / bookable spaces) to venue groups. Each venue group can have a floor plan or map associated with it.

For example, if your building has two floors, you could have a dedicated floor plan / map for each floor. In order to do this, you’ll need to assign all your first floor rooms to one venue group, and all your second floor rooms to another venue group.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to assign venues to groups:

Upload a floor plan / map

Once you’ve “grouped” your bookable spaces, you can then upload an image of a floor plan, map, or schematic in which those bookable spaces appear.

You can do this via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues → Groups.

Select the venue group you wish to upload an image for. Next, click the “Map” button to open the Map Editor.

In the Map Editor, click the “Upload New Map” button to select an image from your device to upload.

Upload a new floor plan, map, or schematic in MIDAS
Upload a new floor plan, map, or schematic in MIDAS

Your upload should be a PNG image file with dimensions of at least 200 x 200 pixels.

Define areas on your floor plan / map

Once you’ve uploaded your map, you’ll then need to tell MIDAS the position of each of your bookable spaces on that image.

To do that, select the “+” icon alongside one of the bookable spaces in the group from the right side of the Map Editor.

The “Shape Tool” selector will then open. This allows you to select whether you wish to define a rectangle, polygon, or circle area on your floor plan / map for the space you’ve selected.

The Floor Plan / Map Editor in MIDAS
The Floor Plan / Map Editor in MIDAS

Accommodating Rooms of all Shapes and Sizes

For square or rectangular rooms, select “Rectangle“, then:

  • Click on one corner of the room on your floor plan / map (i.e. the upper left corner of the room)
  • Click on the opposite corner of the room on your floor plan / map. (i.e. the lower right corner of the room)

For irregular shaped rooms, select “Polygon“, then:

  • Click on each point in room on your floor plan / map where the perimeter walls change direction.
  • Once you’ve done this around the room’s entire perimeter, click “Done”.

For circular rooms, select “Circle“, then:

  • Click on the center of the room on your floor plan / map.
  • Click on a point on the perimeter of the room on your floor plan / map.

Once you’ve defined an area on your floor plan / map, a “tick” icon will be shown next to the name of the bookable space in the venue list.

If you make a mistake, you can easily clear an area by tapping the tick icon next to the name of the venue. The icon will change to a cross, and tapping this will remove that area from the map. You’ll then be able to recreate a new area.

Once you’ve defined areas on your map for each of your venues, click “Save Map” to save changes.

What end-users see

When a user clicks the “Add Bookings” icon in their MIDAS toolbar, they’ll see the floor plans / maps you’ve created for each of the venue groups the user has been granted permission to access. These are shown instead of the usual “list” of venues to choose from.

Visually selecting venues from a floor plan on the Add Bookings screen
Visually selecting venues from a floor plan on the Add Bookings screen

Selecting a venue is then as simple as clicking on it on the floor plan. Each selected space will be highlighted in green on the floor plan. Multiple spaces may also be selected concurrently on each floor plan.

A larger floor plan may also be opened by clicking on the name of the venue group. This bigger floor plan makes it easier to select rooms on larger layouts:

Users can click to zoom a floor plan for a larger version from which venues can be selected
Users can click to “zoom” a floor plan for a larger version from which venues can be selected

The remainder of the booking process is exactly the same as before. The user enters the required information about their booking. Next, MIDAS checks that the dates, times, and venues they want are available and if so, the user places their booking.

Video Tutorial


The new floor plan / map feature a great way for users to see the location of the rooms they’re booking. It also have has other applications as well…

Take for example a computer room, where students can book an individual workstation.

Before the floor plan / map feature, each workstation in MIDAS may have been listed with a number. For example “Workstation 1”, “Workstation 2”, “Workstation 3”, etc.

This provided no real indication to students as to the particular location of their selected workstation within the computer room.

By uploading a defining a floor plan of your computer room, students will be able to select their desired workstation by simply clicking upon its location on the floor plan.

Limit the number of bookings a user can make for any given period
Limit the number of bookings a user can make for any given period

For MIDAS v4.30 we’ve improved the range of options available for the “Maximum bookings allowed” setting.

This is a per-user setting enabling administrators to restrict the number of bookings individual users can make for a given period.

This setting itself isn’t new – it was first introduced in v4.11. However, this setting initially only allowed an administrator to set a maximum number of bookings each user could add to any individual date.

For v4.15, the setting was expanded to include an alternative “Per Week” option. This allowed restrictions to be placed on the maximum number of bookings a user could add to any given week.

With MIDAS v4.30, we’ve now added a further two options to this setting – Month and Year.

These new additional options give administrators even greater control over bookings. Users can now be limited to a maximum number of bookings for any date, week, calendar month, or calendar year.

Maintain fixed spacing between bookings

Work on the next update to our popular web based room booking and resource scheduling, MIDAS, is nearing completion. We’re excited to reveal some of the exciting improvements you can look forward to first here on our blog…

Resulting from customer feedback (which we love getting by the way!), we’re introducing new global settings for v4.15 allowing administrators to enforce fixed spacing (or “gaps”) between adjacent bookings.

Maintain Spacing (Gaps) Between Bookings
Enforce a “gap” between adjacent bookings in MIDAS

This can be useful to allow for room setup, breakdown, reset or cleaning periods between adjacent bookings.

Two new settings are available in this regard. The first controls the amount of free time to maintain before each booking. The second, the amount of free time after each booking finished before the next one can commence.

For example, with the booking spacing settings shown in the screenshot about (15 minutes before / 30 minutes after), and a booking taking place between 2pm-3pm;

  • The latest allowed finish time of a booking added earlier in the day would be 1.45pm,
  • The earliest allowed start time of another booking added later on the same date would be 3.30pm.

You may like to check out some of the other features of MIDAS v4.15 too!

MIDAS isn’t just for booking meeting rooms you know! Our software has successfully been used to manage activities for all kinds of venues and facilities. These include libraries, bowling alleys, vehicle rentals, recording studios, radio stations, golf courses, hire companies, flight simulators, airports, hotels.. and so much more!

To better accommodate those businesses that book facilities “by the night” – like hotels, guest houses, B&B’s, hostels, and camping & caravan sites – we’re introducing an exciting enhancement to v4.14. This will allow the ability to book by a number of nights stay.

MIDAS already allows you to control (on a per user basis) the type of time selectors each user sees on their Add/Modify Bookings screen.

By default, these are simple start/finish time selectors. However, they can be changed to a start time + duration, or a drop-down list of predefined time periods.

For MIDAS v4.14, there’s now an alternative option of booking by a number of “Nights”:

Tentative Booking Types

For users with this option enabled, they simply need to select a check in date and a number of nights stay. MIDAS will then do the rest!

Tentative Booking Types

Administrators can predefine your check in and check out times, as well as the maximum number of nights stay permitted.

Tentative Booking Types

For example, if your hotel’s check in time is 2pm and check out time is 11am, then a user would select their check in date and the number of nights stay. A continuous booking will be created starting at 2pm on the check-in date and running until 11am on the check-out date.

Furthermore, if you’ve enabled the Public Booking Request features of MIDAS, administrators can also enable the ability for the public to request by number of nights also!

We believe these enhancements further increase the flexibility of our scheduling software. It makes MIDAS even more flexible for hotels, guest houses, B&B’s, hostels, camping & caravan sites… and more!