Golf Course Booking System Software

Golf Course Booking System

Introducing MIDAS...

The online booking system for the effective management of your golf club!

MIDAS Golf Course Booking System

With MIDAS you have complete control over your golf club bookings and course scheduling. Allow members and non-members alike to book you golf facilities and put an end to double bookings, crowded greens, and frustrated players once and for all!

MIDAS improves the efficiency and effective usage of your golf lub, whilst at the same time decreasing the time spent on administrative tasks. So if you're not completely satisfied with your current golf course booking software, then why not take a look at MIDAS...

10 key features of our golf club booking system:

  1. Members can check course availability and instantly book online.
  2. Non members and guests can make "booking requests" for your golf facilities that can be quickly approved or rejected by an administrator
  3. Automated email confirmations are sent to club members when they book to confirm their reservation.
  4. Reduce no-shows with automated email reminders for players.
  5. Book events into your club house or other indoor facilities in addition to your outdoor courses
  6. Accept payments online for use of your facilities
  7. Allow players to reserve and book additional equipment, for example golf carts
  8. Control occupancy limits on your fairways
  9. Streamline the overall time spent on scheduling and administrative tasks, and reduce the amount of confusion and paperwork!
  10. An online golf course booking app like MIDAS, can be accessed anytime, anywhere - even when your facilities are closed!
Leading web based Room Booking System & online Resource Scheduling software solution. MIDAS is available in both Cloud hosted & download/on-premises editions

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