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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to guide you through the configurable invoice settings within MIDAS.

Now you'll find these by going to MIDAS Admin Options, and selecting "Manage MIDAS" from the drop-down, and then the "Invoicing" tab.

So from here you can change the currency symbol and currency code the your invoices and payments will be in.

You can specify a default tax amount to apply to your invoices, select your default payment terms, which you can then include in your invoice templates, and MIDAS can also use to generate automated reminders and overdue invoice notifications.

You can also create custom invoice prefixes for your regular and cancellation invoices.

In the "notes" section on generated invoices you can include data from a booking field so for example the booking notes.

"Round up values", if selected MIDAS will automatically round up values when calculating your invoices.

So for example if you charge $100 an hour for a venue and you only make a booking for half an hour, MIDAS would normally only charge $50.

But selecting roundup values would then round that up to the nearest hour and therefore the invoice total would be $100.

"Indicate charges on the booking availability screen" will show you how much an invoice is being generated for before you actually create it.

"Create invoices is by default" will automatically select the "Create Invoice" box on the booking availability screen, so that your users don't have to select it every time - it will be pre-selected for them

The next option can be used to exclude items if their total would be zero.

So for example, if you offer something free of charge then with this option selected it will still be included on your invoices.

With this option deselected, free of charge items will not be included on your invoice.

If all items on the invoice total zero and therefore the invoice is zero, this next option can be used to disable the creation of invoices in such circumstances.

So for example, if you're making internal bookings for your own staff that are not invoiceable, and therefore the invoice total would be zero - you can unselect this value and then MIDAS won't create any invoices in those circumstances.

Alternatively with that selected, MIDAS will create invoices regardless of whether the invoice total is zero.

The next option, if selected, if an invoice is generated where the total is zero, you can have MIDAS mark it as automatically paid.

The next option, if selected, will mean that any bookings that invoices have been created for cannot be modified or deleted once that invoice has been created.

This ensures that the bookings that appear on your invoices match the bookings in your MIDAS system.

And there's also an option to prevent invoice deletion.

So if set to "Always" then no users will be able to delete any invoices from your system.

If set to "After sending until paid in full", once an invoice has been created or generated and then emailed or printed for the client, it then cannot be deleted from the system until it has been paid in full.

So those are the main invoice settings.

Below that are settings relating to booking type discounts.

Now setting up and configuring booking type discounts is covered in one of our other video tutorials, but these settings allow you to choose whether the discounts are applied to venue hire, or resource hire, or both venue and resources.

And the "Apply discounts silently" box will mean that when booking type discounts are applied to your invoices, the totals will be updated accordingly, but there'll be no note to say that a discount has been applied.

The next section is cancellation invoices.

Now this allows MIDAS to automatically generate invoices if bookings are deleted or otherwise cancelled at very short notice.

So at the moment you can see it's selected for "Generate cancellation invoices for bookings are canceled less than one day in advance".

So whenever a booking is deleted from the system with less than 24 hours to go before it's due to commence, MIDAS will automatically generate a cancellation invoice.

And we can specify whether MIDAS will charge a fixed amount on the cancellation invoice, or charge a percentage of the cost of the booking itself.

The final section relates to online payments.

These allow your clients to pay their invoices online.

You can specify a PayPal account to allow your clients to pay via PayPal, or you can allow users to pay directly via their credit or debit card, and this is powered by Stripe, and so you would need a Stripe account for this.

You'll see there's a link to the right that will take you to the Stripe website.

Similarly if you don't have a PayPal account you can also get a PayPal account via the link here.

Once you have a PayPal account you simply enter the address here that you wish your payments to go to.

Once you have a Stripe account you'll need to enter your Stripe Secret Key and Stripe Publishable Key here.

More information on configuring both PayPal and Stripe options is available in the Knowledge Base on our website.

One final option here for added security, "Clients must enter their email address to access their invoice online".

When selected, this requires the customer to enter both their invoice number and their email address.

If it's unselected they only need to enter the invoice number.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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