How To Setup Booking Type Discounts

This video tutorial covers how to set up discounts based upon the type of booking.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to set up booking type discounts.

This allows you to effectively charge different rates depending on the type of booking.

So in this example we're going to use Room 1, and if I just go on to the Manage Venues screen and look at the rates for Room 1, you'll see Room 1 is set for $50 an hour for all bookings.

So therefore if we add a booking in Room 1 the lasts for two hours, the total charge would be $100.

Now let's say we have some community bookings that we only wish to charge half that rate, $25 an hour.

To do that we go into the Manage Booking Types screen, select a booking type that we wish to add a discount to - so there's "Community" selected - and you'll see here there's booking type discounts, and we can either specify a percentage discount, or a fixed amount.

So if I set 50%, then all bookings that are added that are assigned to the "Community" type, will be charged at a discounted rate of 50%.

If I were to select the absolute value, and say $20, then all room rates for bookings that are assigned a "community" type will be discounted by rate of $20.

So we're going to go for 50%, and we'll save changes to that.

That's great. So we'll go back to the booking grid then now, and we'll add a booking in Room 1 that lasts for one hour and initially I'm not going to set the booking type.

So we'll make this for John Smith, "Check availability and book".

We'll also create an invoice for this, so "Book all available".

There's our booking there, and you can see that Invoice 13 has been created and you can see the rate that's been charged is $50 dollars an hour.

Obviously there's tax on top of that, which we can customize, but the room rate itself is $50 dollars an hour.

Let's go back to the booking grid, and let's make another booking for one hour.

Again we'll make you for John Smith, but this time we're going to associate it with the "community" booking type.

"Check availability and book".

"Create invoice", and "Book all available".

And now you can see we have another booking there and Invoice 14's been created for that one.

And if we click that, you'll see Room 1 has a "50% community discount" associated with it, and it's only been charged at a rate of $25 an hour.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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