How To Manage Scheduled Tasks

This video tutorial covers the scheduled tasks features, allowing automated notifications and reminders to be sent to clients.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you the Scheduled Tasks features within MIDAS.

Now, Scheduled Tasks are automated tasks that run in the background every hour of every day and they're configured by going to MIDAS Admin Options, "Manage MIDAS", and selecting the "Scheduled Tasks" tab.

MIDAS will provide an indication of the last time the scheduled tasks run, in this case they've run five minutes ago.

Now, if you run a cloud-hosted edition of MIDAS these tasks will automatically run every hour.

If you run a self-hosted edition, you'll need to configure either a CRON job - if you're on a UNIX server, or a Windows Scheduled Task job - if you're on a Windows server, in order to trigger your scheduled tasks each hour.

There are two types of scheduled tasks that can run in MIDAS, and these relate to booking reminders and invoices.

We can have MIDAS automatically send an email notification to your clients prior to the start of their booking as a reminder.

So if we select this option "Send clients reminders of their upcoming bookings around 4 hours before they start".

And again we can change this so we could make that 24 hours - so the day before a client's booking are due to take place, they'll be sent an email reminder from MIDAS.

Secondly, in relation to invoices - as you may be aware when you create or generate an invoice in MIDAS it isn't automatically sent to the client, until you click email or print.

However, if you select "Send unsent invoices", then once a day between the hours specified in that "Run Daily Tasks Between" option here, MIDAS will go through and automatically send any unsent invoices to your clients via email.

Furthermore, you can also send payment reminders to clients a number of days before their unpaid invoice is due.

So if I select that, then three days before their invoice is due to be paid, if the client hasn't paid, MIDAS will send them a reminder.

Similarly, if they've not paid their invoice and it's a number of days overdue, selecting this option will cause MIDAS to send an automated "payment overdue" notification, in this case seven days after the unpaid invoice was due.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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