How To Manage Safety Settings

This video tutorial covers safety settings.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can manage safety settings within MIDAS.

Now, MIDAS is capable of keeping track on the number of attendees on your site at any one time, and it can alert you if that's approaching a certain threshold, or indeed prevent further bookings if that exceeds a specific threshold.

So each venue itself can have a maximum occupancy level and if we go to MIDAS Admin Options, "Manage Venues", and select a venue - so for example here we've got Room 2 selected.

And you can see the maximum occupancy is 200, and we can set different occupancy levels for different venues.

But if we go to MIDAS Admin Options, and "Manage MIDAS", and select the "Safety" tab, we can have MIDAS automatically warn us if the number of people on site is expected to exceed a specific threshold.

So let's set that at 100, and we can also tell MIDAS to prevent further bookings if the total number of people across all our venues exceeds a certain threshold as well.

So let's make that 350, and then if we tick this box, then on the Booking Availability screen, MIDAS will show us the estimated number of people on site at the time our bookings are meant to take place.

So I'll select that and click Save Changes.

If we go back to our main booking grid, and let's add a booking here for 200 people - and if you recall we set MIDAS to warn us if the total number of people on site exceeds 100.

Let's make this for John Smith and a confirmed booking.

"Book All Available", and you'll see on the booking availability screen there's a warning saying "If this booking is made, the estimated number of people on the site during this period will exceed 100".

So that's okay, so we'll "Book All Available" there.

Let's make a booking now in Room 3, and let's make this one also for John Smith, and let's make this for 300 people.

Now as you'll see that booking in itself doesn't exceed 350 but because the previous booking we've just added takes place at the same time, the combined number of attendees of both will exceed the maximum occupancy level we set.

As a result, MIDAS says it's not possible to make this booking, and the "Book All Available" button is blocked out.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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