How To Modify An Invoice

This video tutorial covers how to modify invoices.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can manually edit invoices.

Now once you've generated or created invoices within MIDAS you can freely edit them, up until the point that they're either emailed to the clients or printed.

At which point MIDAS assumes that they've been "finalized" and no further editing of their content is permitted.

But prior to emailing or printing, you can freely edit invoices as much as you want.

To edit an invoice we first need to locate it, so we can do this via the "Invoicing" toolbar icon, and that displays the screen that you can see here.

If we know the invoice number we can type it into the "Jump to invoice" box and click "OK".

MIDAS will also show on this screen the most recently created invoices that we can quickly jump to.

Or we can use the filtering options in the upper left corner to show a subset of invoices.

So we'll show all invoices and there we go, let's pick one of these to edit.

Let's go for 0006 and we click "Modify Invoice".

The contents of the invoice is then displayed and each of these fields is editable.

So let's say we want to change this Room 3 for two hours, to be Room 3 for 4 hours, and we'll change the quantity there to 4, and you'll see the totals have updated automatically.

And we could also as apply a bit of a discount to this invoice let's give them a $30 discount, and you'll see each time I'll make a change to the quantities, or the rates, or the totals, MIDAS will recalculate all the values accordingly.

And so when we finished we simply click "Save Invoice", and there's our modified invoice.

Again there's no limit on the number of times we can edit an invoice before it's been "finalized".

So if I wish to make further changes I can just click the "Modify Invoice" icon again.

Let's add a an additional CD player.

Let's make the quantity 2 and "Save Invoice" - and that's how you can manually modify invoices.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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