How To Add, Modify, Or Remove A Booking Type

This video tutorial covers adding, modifying, and removing booking types.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

Tutorial Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can add modify and remove a booking type.

Now booking types in their simplest form allow you to color-code your bookings so that you can easily distinguish between them in your booking grid.

Now to manage booking types we need to go to MIDAS Admin Options, and select "Manage Booking Types" from the drop-down.

To add a new booking type we simply click the "New Type" button, enter the name for our booking type - so let's call this one "Community" - and select a color that we wish all those bookings to appear in.

So let's go for a nice dark blue, and then we click "Save Changes".

So to see that in action, if we go back to our booking grid and let's add a new booking here for John Smith.

And you'll see in the booking type drop-down, there's our new community booking type, which we can select.

And when we make the booking you'll see the booking is now been colored in blue.

To modify a booking type - so to change its name or to change its color - we go back to our MIDAS Admin Options, and Manage Booking Types, and there's our "Community" type.

So if we wish to change the color of that - let's make that one red - and click Save Changes, if we then go back to our booking grid you'll see all our community bookings have now been updated to reflect the new color.

To remove a booking type, again we go to MIDAS Admin Options, Manage Booking Types, select the booking type we wish to remove and click "Remove Type".

MIDAS will ask us for confirmation and we can click "Yes".

MIDAS will ask us if we also wish to remove all the bookings of that type.

If we select "No" all the bookings will remain, but their booking types will be removed.

So we'll click "No" and we get confirmation the booking type's been deleted.

Back in our booking grid, you'll see our booking remains there, but now there's no booking type associated with it, and if we hover over that we can see in the left-hand booking information panel the type field is empty.

So that's how to add, modify, and remove booking types.

You may have noticed there's other options on this screen including booking type discounts and tentative bookings.

They're all covered in separate video tutorials, so thanks for watching this tutorial and be sure to check out our other video tutorials online.

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