How To Manually Create An Invoice

This video tutorial covers how to manually create invoices.

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Tutorial Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can manually create invoices.

Now MIDAS also allows you to automatically generate invoices, and that's covered in a separate video tutorial.

In this tutorial, as I say, I'm going to focus on how to manually create invoices.

So we do this via the "Invoicing" icon in the toolbar.

We select that and then the "Create Invoice" icon.

We're then prompted to select the type of invoice we want to create, so we're going to create a "Regular" invoice.

Now we're presented a blank invoice the we can then modify.

So we start by entering the client that we wish to invoice - so we're going to invoice John Smith, and then we can enter our invoice items.

So let's invoice for Room 3 for 3 hours on Monday.

We can enter a rate - so let's say $30.

Quantity is going to be for 3 hours, and you'll see each time I update those it automatically calculates the line totals, subtotals, tax, and the total amount due.

And let's add a second item, and let's say they also want Room 3 for two hours on Monday, and let's have this at a different rate, let's have that at $35 an hour for two hours, and again all our totals have updated.

We can also add resources to these invoices via the "Add Resources" icon.

So if we select that and let's add a CD player to this booking - one - and "Ok", and you can see - there we go - it has a CD player.

There's also a section here to add some notes to the invoice as well.

So let's say "light refreshments included", and then once we're happy with our invoice we simply click "Save invoice", and you'll see MIDAS then changes to show our newly created invoice.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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