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How reliable is the "cloud hosted" edition?

We know that maintaining access to your booking information is paramount to the smooth running of your business operations. We therefore strive to make every reasonable effort to ensure 100% uptime of our servers and infrastructure. However, as with any computer system/network, 100% uptime can never be guaranteed in the unlikely event that unforeseen circumstances arise which are beyond our control.

Our primary servers and infrastructure, however, are monitored 24/7 by our hosting provider. Additionally, we also perform our own in-house monitoring of our primary & backup servers, infrastructure and network using leading PRTG Network Monitoring software.

So in the unfortunate event that an issue arises, we can swiftly diagnose and address the problem, limiting the impact on our "cloud hosted" customer's MIDAS systems and their business operations.

Over the past eight years our service uptime has been >99.9%. We're proud of our uptime record, which is why we publicly publish our uptime history too!

MIDAS scheduling systems can also be set to automatically backup their database(s) upon the first successful login each day. These backups are then stored on the same server as your MIDAS system for a definable period of time. Backups may then be restored directly from within the administrative user interface. Additionally, these automated daily backups can also be emailed to a defined email address allowing you to retain your own separate "off server" database backups.

Furthermore, we also automatically take a complete backup of our cloud-hosted customer's MIDAS databases each day. These backups are stored off-site in a geographically separate location. Backups are retained for a period of time in accordance with our Data Retention Policy.

If you are concerned about potential downtime of your "cloud hosted" MIDAS, you may be interested in our optional Emergency Access add-on. This addon allows you to retain access to your room booking data in the event of any connectivity or other issues with our main client servers.

If you're a "cloud hosted" customer also be sure to Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) and bookmark our dedicated Service Status page too. If there are ever any issues which may affect the service we provide, we'll always endeavor to provide regular and timely updates through these channels.

Our full terms & conditions for having your MIDAS booking system "cloud hosted" are available online.

If you're still concerned over the reliability or uptime of our cloud infrastructure, we also offer a "self hosted" edition of our software. A self hosted edition of MIDAS allows you to install and run our software on your own server.

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