MIDAS Active Directory (LDAP) Integration Active Directory Integration Guide


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (or LDAP) is a method of accessing an Active Directory (AD) over an IP network. It's commonly used to authenticate users on a corporate network when they log in to their computer/workstation.

Self-Hosted editions of our MIDAS room booking system (v4.06 or later) offer seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) support through LDAP integration with your Active Directory. This allows users to be automatically logged into your room booking software whenever they access MIDAS through their web browser.

The basic process is as follows...

Stage 1
User opens their browser and navigates to MIDAS
Stage 2
The browser sends the logged-in user's username to your MIDAS system
Stage 3
MIDAS queries your Active Directory to retrieve the user's real name, email address and Primary Group
Stage 4
User is added (or updated) in MIDAS using permissions from the User Group having a corresponding name as the user's Primary Group in the AD
Stage 5
User is seamlessly logged into MIDAS

In order to be able to use the Active Directory integration feature offered by MIDAS, a number of prerequisites must first be met and configuration steps undertaken.