Integrated Invoicing

Streamline Your Billing Process: Integrated Invoicing Made Easy with MIDAS

If you hire out your facilities, efficient and streamlined invoicing is essential for ensuring timely payments and predictable income. MIDAS offers extensive integrated invoicing capabilities, allowing you to manage invoices seamlessly and improve your cash flow.

Automatic Invoice Generation: Effortless Billing

MIDAS eliminates the need for manual invoicing with its automatic generation capabilities:
  • Synchronized billing: Invoices can be automatically created at the time of booking, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Flexible tax management: Set independent tax rates for individual venues and resources, ensuring accurate billing regardless of the booked space or equipment.
  • Tax-exempt handling: Mark specific clients as tax-exempt for simplified and accurate invoice generation.

Enhanced Billing Options: Retrospective Invoicing and Manual Creation

MIDAS caters for diverse billing scenarios too:
  • Retrospective invoicing: Generate invoices for past bookings, either individually or across a specific date range, ensuring missed invoicing is rectified promptly.
  • Manual invoice creation: Create invoices for any service or item within MIDAS, offering flexibility for various billing needs.

Customizable Invoices: Professional and Tailored Communication

MIDAS creates professional and personalized invoices:
  • Branding customization: Add your company logo, header, and payment terms to invoices, reflecting your brand identity and clearly communicating payment expectations.
  • Additional text inclusion: Include any additional information relevant to the invoice, such as notes or specific details about the booking.

Multiple Delivery Options: Convenient and Efficient Communication

MIDAS offers flexible options for invoice delivery:
  • Direct email delivery: Send invoices directly to clients via email, either as PDF attachments or embedded within the email body for broader email compatibility.
  • Online payment options: Enable clients to pay invoices conveniently through integrated online payment channels, improving cash flow and reducing late payments.

Comprehensive Billing Features: Beyond Standard Invoices

MIDAS offers diverse billing features to cover a multitide of needs:
  • Deposit and cancellation invoices: Generate specific invoices for deposits or cancellation fees, ensuring clear communication and accurate billing for these situations.
  • Credit notes and receipts: Issue credit notes for adjustments or refunds, and generate receipts for completed payments.

Integration with Third-Party Financial Software

Export invoices from MIDAS in various formats, including CSV, Excel, and PDF, for compatibility with popular financial software like QuickBooks Online, Sage Business Cloud, Xero, Clear Books, QuickFile, Zoho, Kashflow, as well as Excel.

The Benefits of Integrated Invoicing

MIDAS's extensive invoicing features offer numerous advantages:
  • Reduced administrative burden: Automate invoice generation, saving time and minimizing manual effort.
  • Improved accuracy: Eliminate errors associated with manual invoicing, ensuring accurate and consistent billing.
  • Enhanced cash flow: Encourage faster payments through online payment options and efficient invoice delivery.
  • Professional communication: Present professional and informative invoices, fostering positive client relationships.
  • Streamlined financial management: Integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting software for efficient data management.

Experience the Power of Streamlined Invoicing

MIDAS's integrated invoicing capabilities allow you to simplify the billing process, improve efficiency, and enhance your financial management. With its automatic generation, customization options, diverse delivery methods, and comprehensive features, MIDAS empowers you to manage invoices seamlessly and achieve optimal cash flow.

Start a free trial today and explore how MIDAS can transform the way you manage your invoicing and financial operations.

Customize your invoices in MIDAS
Customize your invoices in MIDAS

Export invoices from MIDAS to QuickBooks Online, Sage Business Cloud, Xero, and more
Export invoices from MIDAS to QuickBooks Online, Sage Business Cloud, Xero, and more

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