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What's included in an "Annual Support Subscription"?

Our "Annual Support Subscription" offers the following features and benefits:

All software updates for 12 months
We currently release major updates with new & improved features on average every 3-4 months! (in addition to interim maintenance updates)
If you have your MIDAS system "cloud hosted" by us, these updates are automatically applied for you, so you'll always be running the latest version!
If your MIDAS system is "self hosted" (running on your own server), updates can be easily downloaded and applied with just a couple of clicks!

Access to Priority Support for 12 months
Fast Email response whatever day of the week! ...even on weekends and Public Holidays!
Typical response times <1 hour!
Monitor how we're performing with up-to-date response time statistics over on our Service Status site

Our "Annual Support Subscription" is entirely optional if you choose to download the software for installation and use on your own web server (our "self hosted" edition), and if taken out, may optionally be renewed year on year. If you decide not to take out or renew an Annual Support Subscription with a "self-hosted" edition of MIDAS, you will not be entitled to software updates, and only limited support will be available.

If you've instead chosen to have your MIDAS system "cloud hosted" by us, an "Annual Support" subscription is included as part of your ongoing hosting package!

Still not sure whether an "Annual Support Subscription" is worth it? Here's what just a few of our customer's have to say...

"I have not come across any other company that provides the kind of personal service that you provide. Couldn't ask for more!!! 10/10"
- David Medland, Wellington, New Zealand

"I can't believe how fast and efficient your tech support is - Less than 20 minutes to resolve an issue! I wish I could get that kind of support from the paid service we use for our in house IT problems - Amazing service very well done!"
- Paul Penketh, Westen Australia, Australia

"When I emailed at 1:00am Pacific time in the United States on a Friday night, I didn't expect to get an answer until Monday. Thank you so much for the fast response [just 17 minutes] to our issue!"
- Colin Kuskie, Wisconsin, US

"At lunch today I was telling my colleagues how pleased I am with you and the fantastic customer service!"
- Shelly Fickau, Maryland, US

"Your customer/support service is truly exceptional and I would recommend MIDAS to anyone!"
- Debbie Clarke, Ontario, Canada

"If only all suppliers were as fast and accurate as you are!"
- Davy Nougarede, London, UK

"Your customer service is excellent - much appreciated!"
- Jack Beeby, London, UK

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