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Will my subscription renewal price be the same every month / year?

A MIDAS Subscription forms part of our cloud hosted MIDAS booking software offering. It is also an optional component if you're instead running MIDAS on your own server. This is known as a "self hosted" edition of our software.

The price of your MIDAS Subscription is based upon a number of factors, namely:

  1. The maximum number of users, venues, and databases your MIDAS system is licensed to run

    - If you've upgraded any of these license levels since your last subscription renewal, or purchased any additional add-ons, your next renewal price may be higher than your previous renewal.

  2. Whether we host your MIDAS scheduling system in the "cloud"

    - Subscription costs for a "cloud hosted" edition of MIDAS are higher than that of an equivalent self hosted edition. This is because cloud hosted subscriptions include the cost of hosting, which self hosted systems don't require. Therefore, if you change editions part way through a subscription period, your next renewal price will be different from previous renewals.

  3. Whether we have developed any non-standard customizations for your MIDAS system

    - If we've developed specific bespoke customizations for you, this may increase subsequent renewal costs. This is in order to allow us to continue to provide support for, and maintain your non-standard addition(s) through subsequent updates to MIDAS. If your bespoke customization ever becomes part of our standard offering, your subscription costs may then reduce.

  4. Exchange rates

    - The currency exchange rates displayed on our website are automatically updated on a regular basis. As such, subscription renewal prices can fluctuate based upon the current rates at time of renewing. We'll always clearly display the date our exchange rates were last updated on all pages on our website which contain pricing.

As a general guide, if you've not upgraded your MIDAS license, purchased any add-ons, or had any customizations implemented since your last subscription renewal date, you can expect subsequent renewals to be of a similar price to previous.

You can always check the current price to renew your subscription at any time at https://mid.as/renew

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