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Does MIDAS support LDAP (Active Directory) Integration?

Room Scheduling System with Active Directory IntegrationStarting with MIDAS v4.06, if you run a "self hosted" edition of MIDAS (i.e. the software is installed and running on your own system) and your MIDAS system is licensed for "Unlimited" users, you can enable seamless, integrated, "single-sign on" capability for users to MIDAS.

So, instead of users having to login twice (once to their computer, and then again when they open MIDAS), MIDAS can be set to authenticate against your organization's Active Directory, meaning users logged onto your network can simply open MIDAS and be seamlessly logged in each time!

You'll first need to ensure that your infrastructure meets the pre-requisites and that your web server and user's web browsers are correctly configured, and you can find complete Active Directory Integration documentation detailing how to do this here

Also, you can check whether your systems and infrastructure are ready with our Active Directory Integration Test Tool.

If you're interested in integration between MIDAS and your Active Directory but your MIDAS is currently "cloud" hosted by us, you may like to consider migrating to a self-hosted edition.

Additionally, if your MIDAS is currently not licensed for "Unlimited" users, you can upgrade your license here

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