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Can I upgrade to more users, venues, or databases?

Your MIDAS software license allows a maximum number of venues (bookable spaces), users, and databases.

When you add a new user, venue, or database to MIDAS the system will inform you if you are approaching - or have reached - the maximum number of those items allowed on your current license.

Once these limits are reached, you will not be able to add any additional of those items without upgrading your license.

When a license limit is reached, an "Upgrade" button will be shown in the software. This allows you to easily increase the maximum number of users, venues, or databases that you can add to your MIDAS scheduling system.

Existing customers may also view their current license and view pricing and upgrade their license online at any time.

NOTE: If upgrading to add additional databases, please be aware that the maximum number of venues and users your MIDAS is licensed for is shared across all your databases and won't automatically increase. Therefore, you may also need to upgrade your venue or user limits to meet your requirements

Additionally, we have a range of optional addons to further extend and enhance the capabilities of your booking system. These addons may be added at any time.

If you're not yet a customer, but are wondering how much it would cost to upgrade a license or add an optional "addon" at a later date, please see our KB article: How much will it cost to upgrade my license at a later stage?

MIDAS subscription fees (where applicable) are based in part on the total users, venues, and databases licensed to your MIDAS system. After upgrading any of these components, subsequent subscription renewal fees may be higher.

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