Room Scheduling Software with Active Directory IntegrationThe most popular suggestion on our Feature Request page in recent times has been a desire for integration between MIDAS and an Active Directory allowing single sign-on to MIDAS using a user’s current system credentials.

We have been working to bring such integration to MIDAS for some time, and we are now pleased to announce that integration with an Active Directory will be possible starting with our forthcoming update to MIDAS, v4.06.

So, instead of a user having to log in twice (once to their computer, and then again when they open MIDAS), MIDAS can instead authenticate against your organization’s Active Directory, meaning users logged onto your network can simply open MIDAS and be seamlessly logged in each time!

Please Note: Active Directory integration will only be available if you’re running MIDAS on your own server (our “self-hosted” edition), and your MIDAS is licensed for “Unlimited” users.

We’re currently looking for beta testes who meet the above requirements (i.e. currently running a “self hosted” MIDAS with “Unlimited” users) who would be interested in testing integration between MIDAS and their Active Directory. If this is you, please contact us for more information.

Also, if you’re interested in Active Directory integration when it becomes publicly available with MIDAS v4.06, you can get a head start by making sure your infrastructure is ready with our Active Directory Integration Test Tool and by referring to the dedicated Active Directory Integration Documentation.