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This video tutorial covers adding new bookings.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how easy it is to add a booking.

So we're already logged in and let's say we want to add a booking to Room 2 at 4pm this afternoon.

We simply click and drag along the booking grid let's say we want it from four till six and we release the mouse.

And you'll see we're taken to the Add Booking screen with the date filled in and the times filled in.

Now at the moment I've got MIDAS running in 24-hour clock mode.

You can change it if you prefer to be in 12 hour clock mode, but for now we're going to add a booking.

We type in the name of the client here so we're going to use John Smith.

You'll see there's a drop-down list of existing clients that match what we've typed.

We then click "Check Availability and Book".

MIDAS will then check that that room is available, and as you can see there it says "Available".

And we click "Book All Available".

Then you'll see - there's our booking from four till six today.

You can also add bookings via the "Add Booking" icon in the toolbar, and if you click this it will pre-select the current date.

If we wish to book on a different date we can select it from the calendar.

So we'll book one on Tuesday the 23rd.

Again we select our times - of course they're not pre-filled in this time - so we manually select let's go from 1pm till 2pm, and let's make this booking for Jane Doe.

We also need to select our venue, so let's book this one in Room 4 and you'll see as well as some other booking fields that are optional, although your administrator can make these compulsory.

Your administrator can also add custom booking fields as well so there may be additional fields in your MIDAS system that don't appear here.

So we can indicate the number of attendees - so let's say there's going to be 12 people.

We can select the booking type - again these are all user defined - so let's say this is an internal booking.

We can add some notes about the booking here, and we can also add resources to the booking.

So let's add a CD player into this booking - One - okay.

Again, "Check Availability and Book".

You'll see that MIDAS has checked the venue availability on our desired date and times, and also the resource availability, and as you can see both are available.

So we click "Book All Available".

And there we go - there's our booking in Room 4 from 1pm till 2pm.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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