Offline Manuals

As well as the extensive online help documentation (which is also included within each MIDAS scheduling system itself via the inbuilt [Help] links),
we are pleased to be able to also offer complete .pdf manuals for you to download, print, and view offline.

MIDAS Manual v4.14
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Complete 80-page User and Administrative Guide to MIDAS v4.14 7 December 2016 1.62MB
API Documentation v2.14
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Complete API documentation 25 July 2016 897KB
Digital Signage Documentation v1.06
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Complete documentation for our optional Digital Signage addon 5 May 2014 707KB
LDAP Integration Documentation v1.02
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Guide to integrating MIDAS with your Active Directory,
providing seamless Single Sign-On ability
22 May 2015 919KB