Firefox 8If you’re a Firefox user, you may be interested to know that the folks at Mozilla have released another(!) major version of their popular browser, Firefox! Having only recently released Firefox 6.0 in August, closely followed by Firefox 7.0 at the end of September.. today sees the released of Firefox 8.0! In fact so fresh is this news, Firefox have yet to update their Release Notes for Firefox 8 yet!

The latest version bumps the release number to 8 taking it one step closer to matching IE 9 and Chrome in “who can have the higher version number”. See our previous blog entry on Browser Wars: “Version Number Supremacy”

MIDAS v3.14 is fully compatible with Firefox 8 because as part of our commitment to our browser based scheduling software, here at MIDAS HQ we regularly test our web app in pre-release builds of all 5 major browsers before final versions are released! (In fact, right now MIDAS v3.14 is currently compatible right up to Firefox 10.0a1!) This helps us to identify as early as possible any potential incompatibilities. That way we can address them before a major browser update is made available to the wider public!

Once Mozilla update the main Firefox site and download mirrors (which we anticipate within the next 48 hours), you’ll be able to update to the final version of Firefox 8.0. Until then, their Release Notes page currently refers to Firefox 8 “Beta”, but should give you an idea of what’s new in v8.0.

If you really can’t wait for the download mirrors to be updated and Firefox 8.0 to be available via the normal update routes, you can manually update to the final version of 8.0 through Mozilla’s public FTP site: