Firefox 6
If you’re an avid Firefox user, you’ll be pleased to know the next version of Mozilla’s popular browser was released yesterday!

Firefox 6.0 introduces several new features and improvements, including:

  • Improved address bar: Firefox 6.0 includes an improved address bar that makes it easier to find and navigate to previously visited sites.
  • Support for WebSockets: Firefox 6.0 adds support for WebSockets, allowing for real-time communication between a web browser and a server.
  • Faster startup time: Firefox 6.0 is optimized for faster startup times, which improve the overall performance of the browser.
  • Improved scrolling performance: Firefox 6.0 includes improvements to scrolling performance, which make it smoother and more responsive.
  • Improved support for HTML5: Firefox 6.0 adds support for new HTML5 APIs, including history, drag-and-drop, and the Web Storage API.
  • Improved security: Firefox 6.0 includes several security enhancements. These include improved protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and support for Content Security Policy (CSP).

MIDAS is already fully compatible with Firefox 6. That’s because as part of our commitment to our browser based scheduling software, here at MIDAS HQ we regularly test our software in alpha and beta “development builds” of all 5 major browsers before final versions are released!

This helps us to identify as early as possible any potential incompatibilities, so that we can address them before a major browser update is publicly released! (…in fact, right now we’re testing MIDAS in early alpha builds of Firefox 8.0 and it’s running like a dream!)

To find out what’s new in Firefox 6.0, check out the full Release Notes. If you’ve not yet updated your Firefox, be sure to get version 6 now!! …it’s free and only take a couple of minutes to update!