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Statistics and Reporting Improvements

We’re making some improvements to Statistics and Reporting for v4.25. These include…

Filter Options

To declutter the Statistics & Reporting screen, the display of filters – such as date range selection – can now be toggled. There’s a new “Filter” button at the top of Statistics screens:

Advance Filter Options may be accessed via the new "Filter" button
Advance Filter Options may be accessed via the new “Filter” button

Clicking this button will toggle the display of applicable filters for the current report:

Advanced Filters shown for Booking Statistics report
Advanced Filters shown for Booking Statistics report

Filter Venue Statistics By Booking Type

Previously, Venue Statistics report generation was for all venues, or for an individual venue. Now, it’s possible to further filter Venue Statistics by Booking Type too.

Identify Clients Who Are Also Users

When viewing Statistics for an individual client, MIDAS will now indicate whether that client also has a user account in the system.

Export Statistics

Since v4.18, it’s been possible to export Statistics and Reports in Excel format (.xlsx). This feature was available to all users who had access to the Statistics screen (via the “Can Use Statistics” User Permission).

As we’re introducing a dedicated “Can Import / Export” user permission for v4.25, the ability to export Statistics and Reports will now only be available to users who are allowed to export data.

These are just a few of the new and improved features for MIDAS v4.25. Please see this post for details of other new features you’ll find in v4.25.

Reddit You can also ask questions and discuss the new features of v4.25 over on Reddit.

New Un-invoiced Bookings Report

Work on the latest feature-rich update to our web based room booking and resource scheduling, MIDAS, is nearing completion, and so we’re excited to reveal some of these exciting new and improved features first here on our blog…

As you may be aware, MIDAS is capable of generating a wealth of printable reports, graphs, and statistics allowing you to gain valuable insight into the state of your bookings, venues, clients, invoices, and more.

The Invoicing section of this reporting allows you to see which clients or organizations have been invoiced over any given period, how much has been paid, and how much remains outstanding.

For MIDAS v4.15 we’re improving this reporting to also include an “Un-invoiced Bookings Report”. This new report shows a breakdown of the number of bookings each client/organization has over a given period which have so far not been invoiced for. This is a great way to quickly check whether you’re forgotten to invoice a particular client/organization.

New Uninvoiced Bookings Report

You can check out some of the other reports MIDAS can generate to help you gain insight into your facilities at

New Current Availability Report

This week marks 10 years since the very first public and commercial release of our Web Based Room Booking and Resource Scheduling software, MIDAS, back in 2006. As well as celebrating our longevity, we’re also very proud of the fact that a decade on, our software remains in active development with new and improved features being regularly added!

To that end, MIDAS v4.12 is on the horizon, and over the coming blog posts, we’re giving you a first look at some of the new features and improvements you can look forward to in the next MIDAS update..

The first new feature of v4.12 we’d like to unveil is a brand-new “Current Availability” report:

Current Availability Report
Current Availability Report

Arising from customer suggestions of being able to see an “overview” of the current and forecast availability of your venues “at a glance”, the new Current Availability, provides just that!

The report analyses each venue to determine is current status. If a venue is presently “available”, MIDAS will check to see when it’s available until (i.e. when the next booking takes place). If a venue isn’t presently available, MIDAS will check to see when it’s next available.

The results for all venues are then amalgamated into a single easy-to-read “Current Availability” report, which can also be printed.

The Current Availability report is just one of over a dozen real-time reports and statistics that MIDAS can generate. For more information, please see:

Finally, as we mentioned at the top of this article, it’s been 10 years since the first release of MIDAS, and there’s still time to enter our epic giveaway to celebrate – head on over to [THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED] – for you chance to WIN a FREE Cloud-Hosted edition of MIDAS, or your share of $1,000 worth of discounts off our software (including upgrades, addons, and subscription renewals)

MIDAS v4.12 is expected to be made available to Beta Testers later this month, with a general release shortly after. We’re currently looking for additional testers to help test and provide feedback/bug reports on pre-release versions of our software. Becoming a tester is free and no experience is required, and what’s more we’ll reward you for your participation! Find out more about becoming a MIDAS Beta Tester here.

If you would like to be notified when v4.12 is fully released, then why not join our Mailing List?

Reporting Improvements in v4.08

MIDAS v4.08 is approaching, and we’re giving your a sneak preview of some of the new and improved features you’ll be able to find in this forthcoming update to our Room Booking and Resource Scheduling Software.

In this article we’ll take a look at a new report coming to the Statistics generation capabilities of MIDAS…

MIDAS is already capable of generating a wealth of graphical statistics and reports into your bookings, clients, invoices, resources, and venue usage, not to mention you can also export data in a range of formats for further analysis/report generation in 3rd party applications (such as Excel).

Following customer feedback, we’re adding a new “Potential Income” report to the Venue Statistics screen for v4.08.

Potential Income Report
New “Potential Income” report in MIDAS v4.28

This brand new report outlines the potential income you can expect to receive from each venue over any given date range based on current bookings. The report takes into account any booking type discounts, and provides a complete break down of potential income to provide separate projected income amounts for venue hire, equipment usage, consumables usage, and staffing costs.

With this new “Potential Income” report, you’ll be able to compare your venues and resources to see which are performing best and which are under performing. As this report can also be generated for dates in the future, you can also use this report to gain a clear idea of what future income is likely to be.