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How can I renew my MIDAS subscription?

The pricing for cloud-hosted editions of MIDAS is based on a monthly or annual subscription fee. For self-hosted editions of MIDAS, an optional Support Subscription is available.

In either instance, when your current subscription is nearing the end of its current term, we'll send automated email reminders to the Primary Contact we hold on file for your organization's MIDAS system in the run up to the renewal date, which will contain a link allowing them to renew and extend your subscription.

Alternatively, you can check your next renewal data and renew/extend your subscription online at any time at https://mid.as/renew

You may need your organization's unique MIDAS ID in order to renew your subscription. You'll find this in the original Welcome email you received when you first purchased MIDAS, or in any subsequent subscription renewal reminder notifications sent to the Primary Contact.

As renewal reminder notifications are only sent to the Primary Contact, please let us know as soon as possible if that person is no longer the best person for important correspondence relating to your organization's MIDAS booking system - including subscription renewal reminders - to go to, so that we can update our records accordingly to ensure correspondence goes to the correct person.

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