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What happens if I fail to renew my MIDAS subscription?

If you run a self-hosted edition of MIDAS and your Annual Support Subscription expires, you'll no longer be entitled to Priority Support or software updates.

You'll still be able to continue to use the current version of MIDAS you're running, but with no further software updates. Software updates not only ensure that you can enjoy all the very latest features and improvements in our booking software, but also access to any important security updates too!

If you have a cloud-hosted edition of MIDAS, and your Hosting + Annual Support Subscription expires, access to your hosted scheduling system will become suspended until either your expired subscription is renewed (after which access will be fully restored), or a period which exceeds our Data Retention Policy (after which your cloud-hosted system will be deleted)

Don't worry though - we usually allow a discretionary "grace period" of several days after a subscription has expired before we'll suspend a cloud-hosted MIDAS system.

You can check when your current subscription is valid to at any time via https://mid.as/renew

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