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How to create a new MySQL/MariaDB Database via cPanel

Before you install a self hosted edition of our MIDAS software, you will first need to create an empty MySQL or MariaDB database on your server for MIDAS to use. The following instructions describe how to setup a new database using cPanel.

If your server doesn't run cPanel, and has different server/MySQL management software, you may need to refer to the documentation that comes with it.

Alternatively, you can manually setup a MySQL database via the command line.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel

Once logged into cPanel, select the "MySQL® Databases" icon:
cPanel MySQL Databases

Step 2: Create New Database

Enter a desired internal name for your MIDAS database:
NOTE: You will need the name of this database when installing MIDAS
Create new MySQL Database

Step 3: Add New User

Once you've created a database, create a new MySQL user:
NOTE: You will need this username/password when installing MIDAS
Add new MySQL user

Step 4: Add The User To The Database

Once you've created a database and a MySQL user, you will need to associate the user with the database:
Add MySQL user to databases

Step 5: Set Account Privileges

Finally, you will need to specify the permissions for that your MySQL user will have on your database. MIDAS requires the following privileges:
Set MySQL database permissions

Once you've setup your database, you're ready to install MIDAS

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