Digital Signage Addon Digital Signage: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the font size/color, etc on my signage screens?

You can change the font size, color and the visual appearance of your generated digital signage screen by modifying each signage screen's template. For more information, please see our KB article: What is HTML and how do I use it within my MIDAS templates?

Will my signage screens still work if there's no connection to my MIDAS server?

Your digital signage screens will regularly refresh and attempt to obtain the latest data on your bookings from the server.

In the event the connection to the server is lost, the last known good information will continue to be displayed on screen, but a small warning will be displayed in the lower left corner of your screens alerting you that the connection to the server was lost.

MIDAS will keep retrying the connection, and should it be restored, the warning will disappear and your screens will resume updating as normal.

How many signage screens can MIDAS support displaying different content for each room?

There are no software limits imposed on the number of screens that MIDAS can generate. This would only be limited by your physical digital signage infrastructure.

Can I display bookings exactly as they appear to logged-in users (i.e. in a graphical booking grid)?

The Digital Signage addon is designed to display bookings in a simple list or table format. Other layouts may be possible through customizing your signage templates.

For more complex and bespoke display of bookings on your screens, our optional API may be better suited to your needs. Using the MIDAS API you can programmatically read raw booking data from your MIDAS system, which you can then format, use, and display however you wish.