Digital Signage Addon Appendix A - Global Variables

The following are global "placeholder" variables which may be used within your digital signage screen templates. Variables are substituted for corresponding live data when outputting on your display devices.
VariableDescriptionExample value
%BUILD%Current MIDAS build number1333703520
%BUILDDATE%Current MIDAS build date/time6/4/2017 @ 09:12
%DATABASE%The name of your current MIDAS database (usually your Organization name).
You can rename your database via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database
My Company
%DATETIME%The current date/time shown in the format defined via
MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Appearance → Date/Time Settings
30/7/2014 @ 20:15
%LOGO%Your company/organization logo.
Please see "How to add your company/corporate logo"
Your logo
%NOW%The current time in the form of a live clock12:42
%SCREENNAME%The name of the current screenScreen 1
%SCREENNUMBER%The internal number of the current screen1
%TODAY%A "nice" representation of the current dateSaturday, February 12, 2022
%VERSION%Current MIDAS versionv4.29