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Digital Signage Addon Appendix A - Global Variables

The following global variables may be used within your Screen Templates and will be substituted for corresponding content on your display devices.
VariableDescriptionExample value
%BUILD%Current MIDAS build number1333703520
%BUILDDATE%Current MIDAS build date/time6/4/2017 @ 09:12
%DATABASE%The name of your current MIDAS database (usually your Organization name).
You can rename your database via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Database
My Company
%DATETIME%The current date/time shown in the format defined via
MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Appearance → Date/Time Settings
30/7/2014 @ 20:15
%LOGO%Your company/organization logo.
Please see "How to add your company/corporate logo"
Your logo
%NOW%The current time in the form of a live clock12:42
%SCREENNAME%The name of the current screenScreen 1
%SCREENNUMBER%The internal number of the current screen1
%TODAY%A "nice" representation of the current dateThursday, November 20, 2018
%VERSION%Current MIDAS versionv4.18