Digital Signage Addon Appendix B - Field Variables

Field variables must be contained within a set of "booking tags" within your template - these "booking tags" define the section of code that is to be repeated (looped) for each booking to be displayed. Here's a template example.
Booking TagsDescription
<bookings></bookings>This will display ongoing and upcoming bookings for the rest of the day
<bookings_now></bookings_now>This will only display bookings which are taking place at the present time
<bookings_next></bookings_next>This will only display bookings for the remainder of the day which have yet to start
The following variables can be used within a set of booking tags in your Screen Templates and correspond to booking fields within MIDAS. These variables will be automatically substituted with booking data on your display devices.
SettingDescriptionExample value
%ATTENDEES%Number of attendees10
%CLIENT%Name of clientJoe Bloggs
%FINISH%Booking finish time10:00
%NOTES%Booking notesThis booking may finish early
%ONGOING%Assigns an "ongoing" style class to the template element if the booking is ongoing. This could be used to display bookings currently taking place in a different color to other bookings. See Appendix C for examples 
%ORG%Client's organizationMy Company
%RESOURCES%List of resources assigned to bookingx1 Laptop
x1 Data Projector
%START%Booking start time09:00
%TYPE%Booking typeInternal Meeting
%VENUE%Name of venueMeeting Room A
%CUSTOM_x%If you've defined your own custom booking fields within MIDAS, you can include them on your screens using the "%CUSTOM_x%" variable (where "x" is the internal name of your custom booking field).
For example, if you've added a custom field to your MIDAS named "Room Layout", you would include data from this field on your signage screen with the variable "%CUSTOM_ROOM_LAYOUT%"