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Work is nearing completion on the next update to our MIDAS web based room booking and resource scheduling software, anticipated to be released next month.

In our previous blog post, we introduced the new setup/breakdown time features in v4.23. In this post, we’re highlighting one of the improvements we’re making in this next update to bulk modifying/deleting “similar” bookings.

The “modify similar bookings” feature allows you to select an existing booking, and then quickly locate other similar bookings for bulk modification. The “delete similar bookings” feature allows you to select an existing booking and then quickly locate other similar bookings for bulk deletion.

These features allow you to narrow down the search for “similar” bookings to those which fall within a certain date range, and/or which take place in a particular room/venue, and/or which are of a certain type.

Following customer feedback, we’re improving these options in v4.23. They’ll now also include the ability to restrict booking results to those which take place on particular days of the week.

Limit similar booking search results to specific days of the week
Limit similar booking search results to specific days of the week

So now, if you want to modify all similar bookings over a date range, but only include those bookings which fall on say a Tuesday, you can!

Previously, you could still do this, but you’d have to list all relevant bookings in the date range, and then painstakingly mark each of those which fell on the specific day(s) you were interested in. In MIDAS v4.23 we’re making this process far less laborious!

We’re excited about these new features and we’re sure they’ll be of great benefit to our customers! Remember, we love feedback and feature requests from our customers, so do vote and let us know what you’d like to see in future updates to our software.

Improved Bulk Venue Modification

In the very early days of MIDAS, each “venue” (room/bookable space) you added to the system could have a name and a maximum occupancy level (capacity) setting.

Over the years as MIDAS has developed and improved, the number of venue options has greatly increased. Today, you can set hours of operation, simple and complex hire rates, venue managers, blocking rules, alternatives, and rich HTML descriptions.

These additional options have given our software even more flexibility for a wider range of applications. However, increasing the number of individual venue settings/options available, can increase the time it takes to set up or make changes to a venue.

That’s why last March, in response to customer feedback, we introduced a way to allow you to “bulk modify” venues. Users now no longer have to modify settings for each venue one at a time.

Manage Venues Screen
Manage Venues Screen

Doing Things In Bulk

The “bulk modify” venue feature allowed more than one venue to be selected at a time from the Manage Venues screen. When the “Save Changes” button was clicked, the current venue settings/options would be applied to all selected venues.

However, some users didn’t appreciate that settings including capacity, rates, hours, and managers would be blanket applied to all selected venues.

Therefore, in order to provide even grater flexibility for users, for v4.21, we’re making it even simpler!

Now, when you have multiple venues selected on the Manage Venues screen and you click ‘Save Changes”, MIDAS will prompt you to select which settings to save to the selected venues:

Bulk Modify venues in MIDAS
Bulk Modify Venues Options

This new additional dialog gives users full control by making it easier to make specific bulk changes to venues. We’re sure you’re going to love the enhanced flexibility!

Check out some of the other new and improved features coming in v4.21 here.

Bulk Modify Venues

One of these concerns the setting up and modification of venues within the system. Whilst setting up your venues is typically a one-time task, if you’re setting up a large number of venues it can become a little mundane having to set hours of operation, rates, groups, managers, blocking rules, alternative venues, etc for each venue individually – especially if the settings are the same across multiple venues.

That’s why in v4.18, we’ve made it easier to make “bulk” changes to multiple venues at once, which we’re sure will be a real time saver!

Bulk Modify/Remove Venues
Bulk Modify or Remove Venues

On the “Manage Venues” screen, multiple venues can now be selected simultaneously from the “All Venues” list to the left. Any changes then made in the “Venue Details” section to the right will be applied to all selected venues.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to remove venues in bulk (rather than one at a time)

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MIDAS v3.10 is here!

Version 3.10 is available now, and contains a wealth of new features, highlights of which include:

  • The ability to add new bookings by simply clicking & dragging in the booking grid!
  • The ability to modify/delete multiple similar bookings at once!
  • The ability to easily bulk-add multiple bookings, without having to click individual dates
  • The ability to add your own custom booking fields!
  • The ability to re-order venues to appear in the order you want
  • The option to allow your clients to pay their invoices online via PayPal or Google Checkout!
  • View the Full Changelog

Learn more about these exciting new features in our tutorial guide to MIDAS v3.10…

New Features in v3.10