How To Set Venue Rates

This video tutorial covers how to set up rates (hire charges) for each of your venues (rooms).

Topics covered in this tutorial:

Tutorial Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial going to show you how the set up your venue rates, that is the amount that you charge hirers to use your facilities.

To do this we click MIDAS Admin Options and select "Manage Venues" from the drop-down and you'll see Room 1 is selected, and we go to the "Rates" tab.

Now this allows us to set up different rates for different days of the week.

We can charge per hour, per booking, or per day, and we can also vary the pricing depending on the length of time being booked.

So let's say Room 1 we charge at $50 an hour and we're in US dollars here, but that's easily changeable within the settings of MIDAS to other currencies, and then we click "Save Changes".

So now bookings that take place in Room 1 on a Monday will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour.

Let's also apply that to our other weekdays, $50 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Our weekends might be a little bit more expensive, let's say $70 an hour on a Saturday and Sunday is $100 an hour.

Then we click "Save Changes".

I'll show as well how we can set up different rates depending on the length of time of booking.

So let's take Sunday for example, and let's select bookings lasting for one or more hours and we'll charge that at $100 per hour.

But if we click the plus "+" symbol here, we can then charge different rates for other bookings.

So let's say the booking lasts for five or more hours, well then we're only going to charge $80 an hour.

So this is a good way to be able to offer discounts for people who book your venues for longer periods.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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