How To Add A Venue Description

This video tutorial covers adding descriptions to your venues, which can include images and links.

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Tutorial Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can add descriptions to each of your venues.

This is done by going to MIDAS Admin Options, selecting "Manage Venues" from the drop-down, selecting our venue - in this case we'll stick with Room 1 - and clicking the "Description" tab.

So let's add a little bit of information for this venue, let's say "Meeting Room suitable for up to 20 people" - Save Changes.

If we now go back to our booking grid, and if we hover over Room 1, you'll see it shows the description we've just entered.

Now venue descriptions can also include HTML.

If you're not familiar with HTML code don't worry we have tutorials available on our website covering the basics, but we can use HTML to include images or links in our venue descriptions.

So if we go back to our Manage Venues screen, and select "Description".

Let's add an image - so the HTML code for image is <IMG>.

I already have an image stored on this server called "room1", and we'll put a new paragraph there.

"Meeting room suitable for up to 20 people" - let's say that there's a projector included.

Let's make that bold, "Projector included", and let's include a link to a PDF brochure with more details about the room.

We'll assume it's called "brochure.pdf" and it's stored on our server.

"Download brochure".

So again if you're not familiar with HTML code - don't panic - it's not that complicated and we do have tutorials available on our website covering the very basics.

But in this description I've essentially got an image on line one, a string of text on line two, some bold text on line three, and a link to a PDF file on line four.

So if we save changes to that and let's go back to our booking grid and see how that appears.

So we hover over "Room 1" and as you'll see there's now an image of our room, our text, our bold text, and also a link that our users could use to download a PDF.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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