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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can group your venues together.

Grouping venues together is a really powerful feature because it allows us to then filter the booking grid to only show venues within certain groups which is especially useful if you have numerous venues within MIDAS.

So you'll see I've put 10 venues into MIDAS here - Room 1 - 10 - and I'll show you how we can group them.

Now we do that by going to MIDAS Admin Options selecting Manage Venues from the drop down, and you'll see in the venues details section we have a "Groups" tab.

So in this example we're going to assume that rooms 1 through to room 5 are located on the ground floor, and rooms 6 to 10 on the first floor.

So we'll create a couple of new groups we'll call this one "Ground Floor", and we'll also create one called "First Floor".

Now you'll see automatically MIDAS has selected that Room 1 will appear in both of those, so we'll untick First Floor.

Save Changes.

We'll also put Room 2, Room 3, Room 4, and Room 5 in our Ground Floor venue group.

And Rooms 6, 7, 8, 9, and finally 10 in our First Floor group.

So now you'll see in the view drop down here, here are the two venue groups we've just created.

If we select Ground Floor you'll see that in our booking grid we're now just viewing rooms one through five, and if we change the selection to First Floor we're viewing rooms 6 through 10, and again if we go back to show all will show all our venues.

Thanks for watching and please check out some of our other video tutorials online

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