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Do you do bespoke customizations for MIDAS?

We are, in many cases, able to provide quotations for customers for specific customizations to our web based room and resource scheduling software. This applies regardless of whether your MIDAS is a "self hosted" or "cloud hosted" edition.

Firstly, please check our Feature Request page, as it may be that the particular functionality you're interested in is already planned for a future update to our software!

If your desired feature isn't listed on our Feature Request page, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

If we are able to provide a quotation for your desired customizations, we would also then be able to support your customization(s) through subsequent updates to MIDAS for the duration of your active Annual Support Subscription (or until such time that any bespoke "customization" may become integrated into our standard MIDAS offering).

In order for us to provide such ongoing support for customizations, the cost of your associated Annual Support Subscription would also increase, depending upon the nature and complexity of your desired customization(s).

Want to extend the capabilities of MIDAS yourself? - Check out the optional API

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