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When will the new feature/improvement I've suggested be implemented?

Here at MIDAS HQ, we welcome, encourage, and appreciate suggestions from our global customer base as to how our web based room booking and resource scheduling software could be improved. Many of these customer-contributed ideas and suggestions go on to be implemented in MIDAS, which over the years has helped make our software the incredibly powerful and fully-featured booking system it is today!

At any given time there are in excess of 300+ items on our development list of potential new features and improvements for consideration for implementation in future updates to our software, and we currently release substantial feature-rich updates to MIDAS around 3-4 times a year (with interim bug fix updates in between)

The order and speed at which items on our development list are implemented depend upon a number of factors including:
  1. Each suggestion's popularity - i.e. the number of unique requests we receive for a particular new feature or impprovement
  2. The likely benefit of such a new feature or improvement - i.e. how specific the idea is - is it likely to benefit the majority of our customers, or just a select few.
    (If it's something specific to your organization's needs, we may be able to develop a bespoke customization for you instead)
  3. The suggested feature's complexity - i.e. how easy and practical the feature or improvement would be to implement
Whilst each and every idea and suggestion we receive from customers is logged and carefully considered, we are in most cases unable to give a specific timeline as to when a particular feature may be implemented. However, we do provide a Feature Requests page which we use to gauge the level of interest in certain feature suggestions, and where we also indicate some of the suggestions that are presently being planned/developed. You'll also find listed a range of customer's previous ideas and suggestions that have since been implemented in our MIDAS web based room booking and resource scheduling software!

If you're looking/waiting for specific functionality that's not currently present in our software, you could always consider utilizing the optional API that's available for MIDAS, which would allow you to develop your own interface, functionality, integration with 3rd party applications/websites, and extend the capabilities of your MIDAS system to meet your specific needs.

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