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Can I modify the program code to suite my particular needs?

No, you may not modify any part of the MIDAS program code, as this would breech the License Agreement. The License Agreement was accepted when MIDAS was first installed on your system.

You may however, Customize the appearance of your MIDAS room management system.

You can also Add your company/corporate logo or Edit Language Packs.

Furthermore, an optional API is available for MIDAS. The API allows you to directly interface with your booking system from your own websites or applications.

If you require a specific functionality that isn't currently present in our room scheduling software, or which can't be realized through utilizing the optional API, please check out our Feature Request page to see if other customers have requested a similar feature.

Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements. On occasion, we may be able to develop specific bespoke customizations for individual clients.

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