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Who is my organization's Primary Contact for MIDAS?

When your organization first purchased MIDAS, typically the person who completed the payment is noted on our records as the "Primary Contact".

Future correspondence relating to your MIDAS room booking system is subsequently sent to the "Primary Contact". This includes subscription reminders.

It's therefore important to keep us informed if this person moves on from their role within your organization. That way, we can update our records to make sure that correspondence gets sent to the right person.

In some instances where we receive support requests from users who are not the Primary Contact, our support team may defer the user to their organization's internal MIDAS Administrator (Primary Contact) instead.

For instance, if a user contacts our support team to request additional permissions for their user account, our support team will direct the individual to their organization's internal MIDAS Administrator. This person should would then be able to grant further account permissions if appropriate.

Similarly, a request to cancel your MIDAS subscription or make configuration changes will only be actioned by our support team if it originates from the currently held Primary Contact for your MIDAS system.

If you are unsure who the current Primary Contact for your organization's MIDAS system is, it's likely to be the person who made the original purchase.

If you're unable to identify your organization's Primary Contact, please contact us for further assistance.

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