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I can't locate my MIDAS ID

Your MIDAS ID is a unique code (also known as a "Product Key") that was assigned to your organization at time of your initial purchase of (or subscription to) MIDAS.

It it used to authorize and install your MIDAS system.

It is also required when renewing your MIDAS subscription or purchasing upgrades or addons to your license.

It may also be required when contacting our support team.

Your organization's MIDAS may be found within the original "Welcome To MIDAS" email you'll have received following your initial software purchase / subscription.

It may also be found in subsequent subscription renewal email reminders.

If you can't locate your organization's MIDAS ID, please contact the person who made the original MIDAS purchase / subscription, or the current "Primary Contact" within your organization.

Alternatively, you may request a reminder of your MIDAS ID.

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